Suddenly, a group of shadow people rushed into the room and

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Hermes Belt Replica We have also received information that businesses in surrounding counties may have also received this email, the agency posted.CNN is not disclosing the name of the sender or specifics of the bitcoin account.Similar threats were sent earlierIt is unclear whether Thursday threats could be related to a series of hoax bomb threats sent since late August via an online messaging service to recipients in multiple states.The bulletin indicated the FBI has not identified any fake hermes belt vs real real or hoax devices at the threatened locations, suggesting law enforcement deemed at least some of the threats credible enough to conduct searches.Threats at universities, media, courthouseSome threats Thursday led toschool lockdownsor disrupted business and other activities. In the Iowa Replica Hermes city of Des Moines, hundreds of children were evacuated from the Science Center of Iowa on Thursday afternoon because of a threat there,CNN affiliate KCCI reported.something like this happens, we have to treat it like it real, the center Emilee Richardson told KCCI.In Oklahoma City, accountant Douglas Holstedtold CNN affiliate KOKHhe called police when his office received an email threat. He, like others, said the email demanded $20,000 in bitcoin by the end of the day Hermes Belt Replica.