It was closed earlier this month due to staff sickness and is

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Hermes Handbags The school had been placed in special measures following an Ofsted report in which education inspectors rated it as inadequate.It was closed earlier this month due to staff sickness and is not expected to reopen until after half term.Parent power forces U turn on teen school transport cuts in WalsallA meeting for parents was finally arranged this week (Wednesday, February 13) but an advocate who the parents had asked to represent them retired head teacher Andy Summers was escorted from the venue and barred from sitting in.Mum Zara Sands, whose 13 year old son Joshua has attended Jane Lane for four years, said: “There has been no communication.”They closed the school saying it was down to sickness but we have been left in the dark. They haven’t given us enough information, even at the parents’ meeting.”One of the Hermes Handbags panel even admitted they had failed us and our children. I feel like we are not being heard and our children have no voice.”Joshua has learning difficulties, autistic traits, challenging behaviour and global behaviour Hermes Handbags.