Hey im gonna say here, most of you guys are not fans of crypto

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canada goose black friday sale I see this driver. Dark, heavy rimmed glasses, crazy gray hair. He looked very agitated. Hey im gonna say here, most of you guys are not fans of crypto because you think bitcoin is worthless (which it is). A majority of crypto is a bunch of scam projects due to no fears of prison for doing so, but in a huge pile of shit there is some gold, real projects with real companies (Ripple) using energy efficient and scalable coins (XRP) to solve problems of international payments being fee intensive due to the current system being outdated, (1 5 business days transaction time), requires nostro vostro accounts, high fees from correspondent banking). With a crypto powered solution settlement times are 1 5 SECONDS, 35 70% cheaper, dont require nostro vostro accounts. canada goose black friday sale

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